6 art installations by Candy Chang that make the viewer part of the piece…

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As part of the Olympic year celebrations an event has been organised called Britain Creates where designers collaborate with an artist to create a piece of work.

Paul Smith collaborates with Charming Baker to create an aluminium cast sculpture of a mouse holding up a very large bicycle called ‘Triumph in the face of Absurdity’

"The piece is about life and about how humble your start is in any way. It’s not linked with money or finance, it’s to do with the fact that if you try hard and dig deep, however small you start, you can do great things… Effort is free of charge!”

See ‘Britain Creates’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum until July 29th. Entry is free!

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STREET Exhibition at The New Art Gallery Walsall 
20 July -15 September

A street can be where we live, where we work or where we shop.  It can be a focus for bustling activity and a celebration of diversity.  It can also be a site for conflict, anxiety, loneliness, alienation and economic gloom. 

This exhibition brings together artists who explore the darker side of the urban environment as well as those who celebrate its potency as a glimpse of modern life.  Many of the works have been acquired for the region’s collections with the support of Art Fund International.  Artists include Mohamed Bourouissa, Nathan Coley, Barry McGee, Miao Xiaochun, Nicolas Provost, Dayanita Singh, Gavin Turk and Zhang Enli.

A free must see!

*Nice blog post from The Bench 504, Custard Factory, Bham.

Photo, works: Barry McGee 

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Tamperine exhibition at EC Arts, Mailbox (former at 48sheet space) -  A fun fundraising initiative dreamt up by Birmingham-based music charity Sound It Out.

EC Arts have curated the Sound It Out Tamperine exhibition inviting Birmingham based artists: Lucy McLauchlan, Log Roper, Craig Earp and Lee Crutchley to paint directly onto the walls.

The exhibition at EC-Arts, Mailbox ends this Saturday (26th May) and so do the ebay Tamperine auctions!  Two days and counting, you can stalk your favourite pieces and bid here!  More than 45 stars spanning the arts, music, film, TV, and sporting arenas have taken part including a very talented bunch of Birmingham artists.

"Sound It Out suffered from some of the public funding cuts to the Arts during 2011 and we have needed to be creative in raising our profile and getting support from people” says Matt Daniels, CEO of the charity.

Sound It Out uses music as a medium to make a real difference to people facing challenging circumstances in some of the most deprived communities across the West Midlands. The charity delivers positive activities to people most in need in settings such as hospitals, community centres, schools and young offenders units.

Lee Crutchley “Ceci n’est pas un tambourin > This is not a tambourine”  It’s a Tamperine!

More photos of the exhibition space by Helen Ogbourn here

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British Cycling

  Our city as a track  

You may have noticed an influx of BMX riders in the city this week - That’s because Birmingham is hosting 
The UCI BMX World Championships 2012. 2000 riders (all ages & both genders) from 40 countries will compete for world titles in what promises to be the most spectacular World Championships ever! Starts today through to Sunday at the NIA. Tickets available here

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The lovely Craig Bush (Birmingham Loves Photographers) created this vid of Papergirl Night at 48Sheet - “A jolly good time with jolly good people doing a jolly good thing.”

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The route will also tour city centre 48Sheets - created by majority Birmingham artists. 

BETWEEN 12:30pm - 2pm - Pre-ride Papergirl your bicycle. 
Bring bags to carry the rolls in (rucksacks/canvas) just in case. Feel free to bring prettiness/handsomeness for your bicycle - Mexican waves and sweeties for most ravishing creation!  Weather’s looking dry :)

RIDE DEPARTURE 2pm - Calling all Brummies on bicycles! Birmingham Critical Mass Crew! Snap happy photographers and short film makers to document the ride! WE NEED YOU!

> Meet back at 48Sheet to tear it up at the collage party and 48Sheet & Papergirl closing shindig!

More details: facebook event here x
Location: 48Sheet, Mailbox 

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Poster for Papergirl Night tomorrow and Distribution Day this Saturday - Thank you Claire Hartley! www.clairelouisehartley.co.uk

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Come on down to the 48Sheet project space this Tuesday twenty fourth of April and immerse yourself in fun arty things!

Adorning the walls will be the delightful array of Papergirl Brum submissions Twenty Twelve. 

⋆ FREE thirst quenchings and nibbles - Homemade cake, sweeties, biscuits, and tea

⋆ Doodle desk, Spirograph mastering, OHP fondling, spoke card makings, and stuff

⋆ FREE Documentary film screening ‘Roadsworth’ 9pm

Roadsworth: Crossing the Line details a Montreal stencil artist’s clandestine campaign to make his mark on the city streets. As he is prosecuted at home and celebrated abroad, Roadsworth struggles to defend his work, define himself as an artist and address difficult questions about art and freedom of expression.

(72mins) Trailer  www.roadsworth.com/main/video/video.html 

Peter Gibson (Roadsworth) outdoor work:
Initially motivated by a desire for more bike paths in the city and a questioning of “car culture” in general.

Bicycle friendly space - feel free to ride right in!!

facebook event here  - share & invite!

Papergirl Distribution Day -  Saturday April 28th 12:30pm - 4pm
Art roll paper round touring city centre 48Sheets 2pm- 4pm, including pre-ride beautify thy bicycle workshop - wonderfulise those wheels 12:30pm - 2pm x
facebook event here

We need cyclists! 
Be a Papergirl / Paperboy or tag along for the ride! 
Say hello: papergirlbirmingham@gmail.com

Exhibition space: 48Sheet, The Mailbox, Wharfside
Birmingham, City Centre, B1 1XL.

(Yellow Bear submission by Theo Collum) 
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øηε ḓαƴ ✉ to submit in person or post to the lovely & the handsome  or   x

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tẘø ḓαƴṧ ✉

facebook submission event reminder here, join in & invite! 

48Sheets landing in four days. 


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48SHEET: THIS IS BIG ART! - 5 days and counting…

48Sheet is an artistic intervention aiming to transform the city of Birmingham and parts of the region into a unique gallery by utilising up to 100 billboards to exhibit work by regional, and national artists, including work by internationally renowned artists MadeIn (Shanghai), and Raqs Media Collective (Delhi).  

Commissioned artists have created work in response to the projects overarching theme of ’cultural curiosity’.  While much of the art will have been created digitally beforehand, four artists will paint live on launch day April 2nd.

48Sheet is an EC-Arts project which aims to make art accessible to wider audiences by utlising existing public platforms, and to enhance the built environment through artistic intervention. 

"The city is our canvas." 

The billboards have been carefully chosen to form advertising free ‘clusters’, and will be accompanied by online, printed and GPS maps so that visitors can navigate their way around the urban gallery via walking, cycling and bus routes.  

There will also be free workshops, talks, exhibitions, and activities taking place at the 48Sheet project space, Mailbox, from April 2nd, Monday–Saturday 10am – 5pm.

>48Sheet wholeheartedly supports the Papergirl concept because of its shared passion for public art, and will support the Papergirl Birmingham exhibition within its project space at The Mailbox throughout April 2012.< 


Keep in touch: 48Sheet.com
twitter / facebook 

Birmingham Post article 

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Tняεε ḓαƴṧ ✉ 

Submission deadline March 31st!  Exhibition at 48Sheet, Mailbox, Wharfside.  

facebook submission event reminder here, join in & invite! 


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