Papergirl Birmingham is a project that aims to open the art world into the urban streets of everyday life.  It is an intervention seeking to surprise people and to heartily upturn the notable predictability of day to day life.

Via the visual spectacle of cyclists on mass, donated art works will be rolled and distributed to curious passersby populating the city streets.

The Papergirl project was founded in Berlin by art student Aisha Ronniger, inspired due to a tightening of a law in 2005 that associated postering in public places with graffiti-spraying.  When Papergirl started the core group of contributors derived from a street art background, describing themselves as ‘people that are used to giving their art away for free and understand the pleasure of it’.  Like street art, Papergirl presents an alternative way of sharing art beyond a gallery space where its reception can often be limited.  Papergirl is art on the move, live street art that is free to witness and own.

As a result of various creative and enthusiastic forms of online documentation, the idea has inspired like-minded folk from around the globe into organising a Papergirl project in their city. Presently the Papergirl global community consists of 40 projects ranging from Europe, America, South Africa, and Australia- most recently, Papergirl Toowoomba!

What will enrich Birmingham’s first Papergirl is its association with the 48Sheet billboard art project (EC-Arts). 

48Sheet wholeheartedly supports the Papergirl concept because of its shared passion for public art, and will support the Papergirl Birmingham exhibition within its project space at The Mailbox throughout April 2012.  

48Sheet is set to transform the city of Birmingham into a unique urban gallery by utilising up to 100 billboards to exhibit the work of regional, national, and international artists from April 2nd – 29th.

Click here to see a list of artists taking part in 48Sheet 2012.

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